Lifestyle Services

Goral Assistance Ltd has a cooperation agreement with American Express Israel an EL-AL Airlines for supplying lifestyle/concierge services to their preferable customers.

Global/Platinum Assist services are provided to AMEX preferable card holders.

EL-AL Top Platinum services are provided to EL-AL Top Platinum frequent flyers members.

Once these busy people get used to the fact that they have someone they can trust to help them, they will wonder how they ever managed without us!
They are happy to have someone to take care their business efficiently and with a touch of class and concern.


Services Provided


  • Information and purchasing tickets for shows, museums, sport events (soccer, basketball...), concerts or any other tourist attractions around the globe.

  • Detailed information (as much as possible) about events shows and exhibits by date and location.

  • Assistance with taxi services, limousines and private drivers from every airport, hotel or else, trains and buss schedules and prices.

  • Flowers and gifts deliveries from any place to another.

  • List of restaurants provided per location (plus information, like Kosher/not Kosher) wherever you wish and restaurant reservations.

  • Medical assistance: locating clinics/hospitals/doctors/specialists around the world.

And much much more...

Local Services (Israel):


  • Full information within a short period of time about shows, theatre and other events schedule.

  • Organizing any kinds of event.

  • Suggestions for birthday ideas (kids & adults), parties, bachelors' parties and romantic events.

  • Flowers and gifts delivery.

  • Spa and luxury treats of any kind all across the country.

  • Private lessons and courses: dancing, acting, martial arts, languages and more.

  • Yacht rentals.

  • Private flights above Israel's sky (and lessons).

And much much more...