Goral Assistance USA

Goral Assistance USA is the third office of Goral Assistance with its offices located in Argentina since 2022. We operate a 24/7 bilingual customer service hotline to respond to your needs. We both have English and Spanish speaking staff.

We remain to be your reliable partner at every moment of your stay in the USA. Our strong partnerships with clinics, and doctors gives you the peace of mind knowing that any medical issue can be met with utmost professionalism and privacy.

High quality care does not have to be expensive, and Goral Assistance USA believes in this. Our goal is to work closely with you and our partners to reduce your out of pocket costs while getting the best available medical care.

Our services include:

Medical Assistance

  • House calls and Urgent Care clinics visits of doctors (family physicians and specialists)
  • Imaging and other test being performed at home (in some states only)
  • Hospitalization, including full medical coverage
  • Monitoring and medical reports
  • Nurses
  • Ambulance transfers
  • Repatriation services, including medical escort
  • Repatriation of human remains
  • Cost control, including monitoring of medical fees, fraud prevention and investigation

We carefully choose our providers and can be sure that our clients will get the best possible service while requesting their assistance. Our goal is to reduce the expenses to the insurance companies without compromising the high level of care.

Contacts details:

Tel:  +1 (305)-564-3105

Fax: +1 (305)-735-8520

E-mail: usa@goralassist.com