Medical Tourism

In the modern world, globalization became a term that can be applied to the most sectors of life. Geographical borders ceased playing the main role in the decision making process. In other words, the place of the person's permanent residence no longer has the exclusive influence on the one's choices that concern important aspects of his life.

On this background medical tourism turned into a rapidly growing industry. More and more people are traveling abroad, choosing this affordable and safe alternative instead of having medical and surgical procedures done in their home countries.

There is no doubt that Israel, known for its high level of healthcare, has a reputation of one of the world's leaders in the diversity of medical fields. Every day local specialists perform huge amount of the most complicated operations and diagnostic tests, using cutting edge technology achievements and advanced modern equipment.

Goral Assistance, with its rich experience in providing healthcare services to international patients in Israel, specializes in organization of all-inclusive trips for treatment purposes.
Partnership agreements with the leading hospitals and medical centers in Israel allow coordination of every aspect of desired care, starting from transplantation, neurosurgery, cardiology and oncology to the full selection of women healthcare services.
(IVF, pregnancy supervision, delivery, etc.)

Following client's request we organize the entire administrative and logistic arrangements, such as airport transfer, hotel booking, interpreter, sightseeing tour, etc.

Our main goal is to provide the highest standard of medical care, while being attentive to the client's specific needs and giving everyone a personal attention.